LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

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LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner


LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

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LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner, If you're a cyclist, golfer, tennis player or an athlete training for any sport, doing stretching exercises on the Stretch Partner helps maximize your range of motion and improve flexibility. In addition, lower back exercises performed on the LifeSpan Stretch Partner can help you reduce back pain.

Stretching exercises using the LifeSpan Stretch Partner will help you improve sports performance, prevent injury, reduce back pain and improve posture. The Stretch Partner is a unique stretching machine that gives you deep, full-body stretching, while ensuring proper body positioning and stretching technique.

The LifeSpan Stretch Partner is used for golf stretching by PGA and LPGA coaches to improve swing motion range so golfers can hit the ball farther, and by tennis and baseball players to strengthen the lower back and reduce back pain, and improve flexibility in the glutes and hamstrings.

The Stretch Partner is highly praised by numerous physical therapists, chiropractors, health clubs and senior fitness centers around the country. Customers repeatedly say the LifeSpan Stretch Partner has given them a better quality of life.

Awards & Reviews

"No matter what your sport or athletic goal, the Stretch Partner is a must have and our HEAD OF THE CLASS winner for flexibility products under $1,000!"
Fitness Professor Award Winner

The Great Gear of the Year award recognizes outstanding innovative fitness products.
LifeSpan Stretch Partner Receives Great Gear of the Year Award

Receive positive results from the Stretch Partner to help improve your game. The article includes recommendations from LPGA member Christi Dorece, Masters Instructor at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL, and formerly of the Jim McLean Golf Academy..
Stretch Partner Featured in PGA Magazine

ESPN Radio discussed how stretching can help golfers improve flexibility, reduce lower back pain, lessen the risk of injury and add distance to their drives. Bob Cisco of ESPN Radio said, "I personally believe in it. I used to never stretch. A few months ago I followed up on the Stretch Partner. It totally did help... I'm not just saying that."
ESPN Radio Tee It Up! Believes in Stretch Partner for Golfers


Instructional Flip Chart and VideoInstructional Flip Chart and Video

Flexible for Life stretching DVD includes a step-by-step stretching program that covers all major muscle groups and a guide book that illustrates 18 stretches for all major muscle groups.

Flex-Smart Pivot SystemFlex-Smart Pivot System

Patent-pending Flex-Smart™ pivoting system provides a greater range of movement to accommodate various body types and levels of flexibility.

Residential Warranty
Frame 5 Years
Parts 2 Years
Upholstery & Bumpers 90 Days
Commercial Warranty
Frame 1 Year
Parts 1 Year
Upholstery & Bumpers 90 Days
Dimensions 49” L x 29” W x 38” H
Shipping Dimensions Single Box: 49" L x 11" W x 30" H
Transport Includes 2 front-mounted transport wheels for easy mobility and simple storage.
Seat Comfortable, 1.5" Thick, Easy-to-Clean Seat Cushion
Wrist Straps Includes 2 wrist straps, allowing for a fuller, deeper stretch and added safety.
Max. User Weight 300 lbs.
Net Weight 54.5 lbs.
Gross Weight 70 lbs.
Assembly Light Assembly Required

Customer Ratings & Reviews


Fitness Trainer Approved!

by Allison on 03/05/2010

I am a fitness trainer in Annapolis, MD and I purchased this product for my clients to use pre & post workout. It really does a wonderful job. Stretching is one of the most important parts of a successful workout session. Reduce your chance of injury by stretching and lifting through a full range of motion!


Impressions of the LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretch Machine

by Ted H. Smith on 07/27/2011

I learned about this device at a Chiropractor visit. He had three of the devices, and encouraged those waiting "adjustments" to stretch. (He did provide initial training guidance on it!) He recommended (to me) that I strongly consider purchase of this device, especially as I am a cyclist, and riding a road bike for extended periods does cause some body stresses. So, I bought one! Assembly was simple. (I had my son assemble it!) I use the device EVERYDAY. I am confident that it has been excellent for me, especially in the back, hip, and glutes stretches, all of which suffer in varying degrees when I ride. The price of the device is steep, but actually is half the cost of similar devices I have seen in gyms, YMCAs, etc.

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LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

$499.00 $449.00
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