Technique Tuesday

5 Surefire Ways to Run Faster and Harder

faster running technique
For any runner who wants to run faster, sometimes it’s best to take a step away from the running and focus on some drills that are specific to building speed. These drills can serve as a dynamic cool-down routine after an easy jog or as a warm-up routine before a regularly scheduled workout. They can also be completed after a run to put an emphasis on good form even though the body is already fatigued. You don’t need any equipment and you can do these drills virtually anywhere that you would also run! Try to do these drills 2-3x/week, focusing on proper technique and execution. There are numerous other drills you can incorporate into your routine, but the most important factor is doing them consistently.  Start with these and, before you know it, you’ll notice a big difference in your speed! You’ll run faster in no time.

5 Drills to Top Your Running Speed

Here’s a tip: These drills are based off of 20 yard increments. If you don’t have a yardstick (or football field) handy, keep in mind that 1 step is roughly equivalent to 1 yard. Measure out 20 steps and get working on those drills!

High Knees

Run 20 yards concentrating on raising your knees as high as you can, followed by a 20 yard jog and then a 20 yard regular sprint. Short rest and repeat.

Butt Kicks

Dynamically kick your heels up toward your butt as you run.  Be sure to emphasize your arm action and concentrate on the number of ground contacts rather than how fast you cover the distance. Try to get as many ground contacts as possible. 2 sets of 20 yards


Skip athletically by driving the knees and utilizing a good arm swing.  Ground contact should be quick.  2 sets of 20 yards.


Bound from one foot to the other. The action is similar to skipping except you’re trying to gain as much height as possible and stay in the air for as long as possible. Remember to recover fully between attempts. 2 sets of 20 yards.

Elbow Drive

Sprint for 20 yards concentrating on driving your elbows in a straight line. Keep your elbows flexed at right angles while keeping your arms relaxed.  2 sets of 20 yards.