Bob Cooke - Fitness Equipment & Billiards Expert

Bob Cooke

Fitness Enthusiast Millenial

  • Experienced Personal Trainer
  • Enjoys Running and Biking
  • Committed to Cardio and Functional Strength Training 4x’s a Week

Typical Workout

Structure: Strength – 30 Min, Cardio – 30 Min, Flexibility – 15 Min

My fitness goal is always to maintain a healthy body weight and to keep my energy level high.

Flexibility: Consists of moderate stretching and/or yoga poses while attempting to hold a static position for at least 30 seconds.
Cardio: Running (indoor treadmill, outdoor trails), and biking (indoor cycle or trail riding)
2 days indoors and 2 days outdoors when possible! My cardio is including intervals within my training, when indoors I use the Sprint8 program available through Matrix products.
Strength: Using moderate, controllable weight while concentrating on full range of motion and concentrating on my core using free weights or a functional trainer.

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5-7 Days/Week.



60 Minute Workouts.



Very High Intensity.