JFW Texas Acquisition

Johnson Fitness & Wellness Opens 17 New Stores in Texas

Latest expansion serves Texas home and commercial fitness market COTTAGE GROVE, Wis. (March 10, 2023) – Johnson Fitness and Wellness (JFW), the the world’s largest specialty fitness retailer and the retail division of Johnson Health Tech, announced today that it is opening 17 retail stores, as well as a commercial sales and service division, throughout […]

medicine ball partner workout

A Fun Partner Workout with a Medicine Ball

Whitney Wells created this fun medicine ball workout to do with a workout partner! Try to use a weight that works for both of you and, if you have options available, don’t be afraid to switch out weights between exercises. For this particular workout, an 8-10 pound medicine ball worked perfectly for us. Did you […]

Gym Source In Now Johnson Fitness & Wellness

Johnson Fitness and Wellness Acquires Gym Source Retail Stores

COTTAGE GROVE, Wis. (November 2, 2021) – Johnson Fitness and Wellness, the world’s largest specialty fitness retailer and the retail division of Johnson Health Tech, announced today that it is acquiring all Gym Source retail locations across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and Connecticut. The Gym Source stores […]

Add Strength Training to your cardio workouts

Adding Strength Training Into Your Cardio Routine: Part 2

If you’re seeking to gain greater muscle definition, visible strength, or want to better address muscle imbalances, there’s no need to add expensive equipment to your strength training workouts. Incorporating a few dumbbells and resistance bands isn’t a big investment in time or space and you can even tuck some into an ottoman or under […]

5 spring workouts to do that are free

5 Free Ways to Get in Shape This Spring

Spring has finally begun to blossom. The days are getting longer and warmer, and soon trees will be lush and flowers will be in full bloom. Summer will be here in no time, which means tank tops, shorts, and bikinis for some. For others, it means rock climbing, swimming or long bike rides. Unsurprisingly, spring […]

Adding Strength to Your Cardio Workouts

Adding Strength Training Into Your Cardio Routine

Are tight schedules and a lack of equipment keeping you from getting the benefits of strength training? If you find yourself making excuses rather than making your workouts, it’s time to develop a program that works with you and your schedule. Low equipment and no equipment forms of strength training are excellent ways to build […]

Woman excited about her fat burning treadmill workout.

Fat Burning Treadmill Workout -Easy to Follow Steps

Now that you’re all set up with the basics of exactly how to run on a treadmill, it’s time to get more specific and use your treadmill to reach certain goals. For many of you, the number one goal is fat loss. Below are some easy to follow steps for a successful fat burning treadmill workout. […]

Woman holds onto a treadmill

How to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Treadmill Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the top training trends in the fitness industry today. In addition to being a good challenge (the words “high intensity” in the title give that away), HIIT treadmill workouts can be quick and very effective. While there are many ways to get in a HIIT workout (bodyweight […]

A woman is exercising and doing a HIIT elliptical workout.

Great HIIT Elliptical Workouts that Get Results!

When most people think about High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) workouts, they often associate them with the treadmill, bike or outdoor sprinting. But what about a HIIT elliptical workout? Take your elliptical workouts to the next level by including HIIT. The elliptical is a great choice when it comes to getting in your interval sessions […]

HIIT Workouts

Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Running

Treadmills are a great tool to have in every runner’s arsenal. They make sticking to your workouts possible during the winter months, spring rain, and summer heat. They can also make it safer to stick to your running plan when your schedule and family demands leave you training during off hours. That said, if you want […]

Benefits of Professional Delivery & Installation by Johnson Fitness & Wellness

Benefits of Professional Delivery and Installation for your Fitness Equipment

The benefits of utilizing Johnson Fitness & Wellness Professional Fitness Equipment Technicians to handle your fitness equipment delivery and installation begins with safety and ends with the stress-free experience of starting your home fitness routine. Benefits of Professional Delivery and Installation of Fitness Equipment 1. Our experienced, professional fitness equipment technicians are trained by the […]

Matrix T50 Treadmill with XIR Console - Award Winning Treadmill Review

Matrix T50 Treadmill with XIR Console – Review

Matrix Fitness T50 Treadmill with XIR Console – Review by Tyler Bastianelli The Matrix T50 Treadmill is a top of the line machine with many features to enhance your workout and keep you coming back for more each time. With a 3.25 HP DC Johnson Drive System, Ultimate Deck System, and 2-ply, 2.2mm belt, this […]

Gardening Exercise

How to Celebrate National Gardening for Exercise Day

Having a hard time choosing between caring for your summer garden and time in the gym? Why not combine them? Gardening is the original functional exercise, burning 200 to 400 calories per hour (even more if you add in heavy landscaping work). Celebrate National Gardening for Exercise Day on June 6th by leveling up your […]


How I Learned to Love the Elliptical (Hint: it has to do with a Heart Rate Monitor)

As a runner, I used to dread my off-days. I know running every day isn’t good over the long term. So once or twice a week, I’ll hop on an elliptical machine to supplement my running workouts. One of the reasons running appeals to me is that it has very concrete measurements that I’m familiar […]

Goblet squat
Achieving Your PR

Two Daily Workouts for Doing Functional Training at Home

While the words functional training might bring to mind images of buff young athletes performing muscle-ups and throwing around heavy weight, many of the functional movements included in functional movement type workouts are a fantastic way for home gym athletes to increase range of motion, power, and strength without lifting heavy weights and completing complicated movements. […]

Best Elliptical Workout
Elliptical Workouts

How To Get The Best Workout On An Elliptical Machine

Get the 5 steps that will help you burn more calories, target the right muscles and maximize the benefits of your elliptical machine workouts.

6 Amazing Elliptical Benefits Every Runner Needs To Know

6 Amazing Elliptical Benefits Every Runner Needs To Know (Video)

The elliptical is like a little black dress, as it goes with everything, compliments your running routine, and will help you look, feel and perform at your best. It’s one of my favorite cross-training tools for runners for the following six reasons. Did you know that there are many elliptical benefits for runners? Elliptical Benefits […]


How to Increase Fitness with Simple Home Treadmill Workouts

Are you considering owning a treadmill? While a treadmill may be the most basic piece of cardio equipment, their impact on your workouts is anything but. A treadmill can be used for everything from high intensity interval training (HIIT) that will help you to lose weight fast to easy walks and lower impact jogging on […]


How to Use Incline on a Treadmill to Boost Your Calorie Burn (3 Workouts + Infographics)

The slap in the face of 37 chilly degrees during my morning run has me contemplating switching to treadmills for a few days each week. Running on treadmills has it perks, beyond the obvious benefit of being indoors during colder months. They’re a helpful tool if you want to improve your natural running pace or burn more calories […]


Three Treadmill Workouts to Improve Speed

I’m transitioning my running to the treadmill this season and wondered how I can work on my speed. Do you have any tips or a workout you would recommend? Thanks, Amy Kudos to you. The treadmill is an effective and safe way to continue your running workouts as the weather shifts to the winter. It […]