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Claire Tomm

Fitness Enthusiast Millenial

  • Former Competitive Swimmer
  • Loves Running To Podcasts
  • Being Active is Part of Who I Am
  • I Love To Cook & Can Make Anyone Enjoy Vegetables!

Typical Workout

I work out every morning before my family wakes up. I typically do a plank or some pilates type movements to warm up. Then I go for a run or do a boot-camp style or kettlebell workout.

After that I take my two crazy cocker spaniels for a walk. I say it’s for them but really it’s for me. I love having the excuse to go outside no matter the conditions — it’s a great way to stay in touch with nature and the seasons.

A couple times a week I do heavy weight lifting in the commercial showroom at our corporate headquarters. A fellow colleague got me into this a few years ago (thanks, Melissa!). It was intimidating at first but I’m thankful to work for a fitness company and have access to such great equipment and resources.


7 Days/Week.


60 Minute Workouts.


High Intensity.