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What’s Rocco Lazaris’ favorite part about working at Johnson Fitness & Wellness? It’s not the access to the newest and coolest equipment or the snazzy, sweat-wicking uniforms. It’s actually much simpler than that – he doesn’t have to be at a desk the whole time.


“I got involved in a program in high school that involved computer-aided drafting. I eventually got hired by [General Electric] and I realized I couldn’t sit in a cubicle. It drove me nuts,” says Rocco.


Staying active has always been a part of Rocco’s life and he’s now trying to incorporate it into his children’s lives. Despite the rough Wisconsin winters, Rocco and his wife, Kristi, try to take their kids, a two and four-year-old, out of the house. “[When I was a kid] you couldn’t get me in the house until I couldn’t see because it was too dark.”


Rocco graduated from Carroll College with a degree in Fitness Management & Health Education and shortly after graduating, he got a job as a personal trainer.


Afterward, he worked in a physical therapy clinic assisting physical therapists with patients. It wasn’t long until he stumbled upon the specialty fitness space and joined the Johnson Fitness & Wellness family. Fourteen years later, Rocco now works as a Senior Store Manager and says he loves the bonds that he’s built within the company.


“Yeah, the customers are great to work with, but it’s the people that I work with on a near-daily basis, whether it’s managers from other stores or even sales reps, that I’ve grown close to that make [Johnson Fitness] a great place to work,” says Rocco.

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