Get Perfect Running Form With This Simple Drill (Video)

How To Get Proper Running Form

How To Get Perfect Running Form

What should you do with your hands while running? What is the proper alignment to maximize speed? What should new runners focus on?
If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, then you need to watch the video below. In the video, Running Coach Jenny Hadfield breaks down her super practical approach to assessing and improving running form that you can use on every run. Use her “Head To Toe Inventory” drill during your next workout or race to guarantee you’re practicing good running form.

Here are some of the point she covers in the video:

0:25 – Why you need to avoid the “turtle-head” habit
0:37- What to do with your shoulders
1:04 – What to do with your arms
1:25 – What to do with your hands
1:50 – What you can do with your elbows can do to help you run faster
2:00 – How to position your hips while running
2:22 – Where your feet should land

Here is a slow-mo video of Coach Jenny exhibiting perfect running form:

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In this recent article on the two most common running form mistakes, Coach Jenny goes into more detail on how to run more efficiently, increase speed and reduce likelihood of injury.
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Coach Jenny Hadfield is a published author, writer, coach, public speaker and endurance athlete. To find out more, visit our Meet Our Writers page or visit Coach Jenny’s website.

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