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Octane Fitness RŌ Rower Review

by Shane Munson
The RŌ Rower is the quality I would expect from Octane Fitness! This is a magnetic/air resistance rower with a nice bright colorful console. The machine is heavy duty and very smooth! The console has HIIT training, normal interval training as well as goal training and manual. I am a big fan of the combination magnetic/air rowers. They offer more resistance than your normal air resistance rower like a Concept 2 but are WAY less noisy. I like the dual grip handle of this rower as well, which is unique to indoor rowers. Great lat workout and if your hands get tired it is nice to switch up the grip. This rower gave me a great workout, I would highly recommend it for either high end residential use or full commercial, as it has a 350lb weight limit.
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