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Treadmill Workouts That Will Instantly Kick Start Your Metabolism

Want to lose weight by running on the treadmill? Horizon Treadmill

Want to lose weight by running on the treadmill? Throw these workouts into your training mix to keep your body guessing and rev up your metabolism. With the right workouts, you’ll burn calories during your workouts and for up to 48 hours afterwards, making it easier to lose weight through running. The key is varying the frequency and intensity of your workouts. Here are the best treadmill workouts to lose weight.

Treadmill Workout 1:
HIIT Me (about 30 minutes)

Why this workout works: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is guaranteed to shock your metabolism into burning through fat while increasing your fitness. The intensity of the workout means that it needs to be shorter in duration, so you can get a fat blasting workout in 30 minutes. While you can complete this workout on any treadmill, a higher end treadmill with a strong motor and larger belt, such as the Matrix T70 will provide you with a health club quality experience.
The Workout
Warm up:
Minutes 1-4:
Minute 1 – Walk at a comfortable pace.
Minute 2 – Up the incline to 7%, maintain.
Minute 3 – Return incline to 3%.
Minute 4 – Drop incline to 1% and run at a pace of 6 miles per hour.
Strength Intervals: Minutes 5-9
Minute 5 – At a walking pace, increase incline to 8%.
Minutes 6 thru 9 – Return to 1% and continue to walk.
Speed Intervals: Minutes 10-14
Minute 10 – Continue with a 1% incline & increase speed to 7 mph.
Minutes 11 thru 14 – Return to walking.
Power Intervals: Minutes 15-20
Minute 15 – Increase incline to 4% & run at a pace of 6-6.5 mph.
Minutes 16 thru 19 – Return to 1% and walk.
Strength Intervals, Minutes 20-25
Repeat Strength intervals above
Power Intervals, Minutes 25-30
Repeat Power Intervals Above
Cool-down. Return to a comfortable walk for 3-5 minutes.

Treadmill Workout 2:
Time for Tempo (up to 25-55 minutes)

Why this workout works: More than just a comfortable long run, this workout targets your tempo pace, which you can, theoretically, hold for up to an hour straight. This comfortably, uncomfortable pace will increase your body’s ability to clear lactic acid from your muscles and increase your aerobic capacity. Because you are maintaining a heart rate of approximately 80-85% (this number increases as you do a lot of this training), your metabolism gets a kick start. Your tempo pace is approximately the same as your 10K pace. By breaking this into 20 minute blocks, your workout becomes doable and your pace gets faster.  Take advantage of Virtual Active technology featured on the Matrix TF 30 XIR. The high definition console allows you to immerse yourself in inspiring landscapes from the comfort of your home.
The workout:
Minutes 1-5: Warm up for 5 minutes, increasing to your tempo pace or a heart rate of approximately 75-80%.
Minutes 5-25: Keep an eye on your heart rate and your pace. Maintain the same pace, but don’t let your heart rate go above 85%, if it does, bring your pace down.
Minutes 25-30: Recover. Reduce pace to a slower jog and finally to a walk. Repeat minutes 5-30 for a serious training and calorie burning challenge.

Treadmill Workout 3: The 500 Hour (60 minutes)

Why this workout works: By varying recovery and intervals, this workout keeps the variety high to stave off boredom and make the workout fly by. You’ll burn 500 calories or more during this run, making it a great workout to start off your training week. Since you’ll be powering through a tough workout for an hour straight, an immersive console and high powered machine will give you the most satisfying workout.
The workout
Minutes 1-5: Warm Up – Starting at a comfortable run or walk, then increase your pace to an easy jog.
Minutes 5-10: Endurance Training – Increase your pace to a level that brings your heart rate to 75% of your max. Do not allow your heart rate to increase above that pace.
Minutes 10-30: Pick Ups – Increase your pace to your lactate threshold pace (above) for 1 minute. Reduce to your endurance rate for 1 minute. Repeat for 10 rounds.
Minutes 30-35: Endurance Training – Repeat Endurance Training above
Minutes 35-50: Hill Intervals – Maintaining endurance pace, increase incline to 3% to 5% for 1 minute, return incline to 1% for 1 minute. Alternate for 8 rounds.
Minutes 50-55: Endurance Training – Repeat Endurance Training above
Cool Down: Gradually slow your pace, returning to a comfortable jog over three minutes, followed by two minutes of walking.

Extra Credit: Ten Magic Minutes

Why this works: Ten minute treadmill workouts are an overlooked way to rev up your metabolism. The key is to use these ten minute blasts in addition to, rather than instead of your regular workouts. Throw an extra ten minutes in on days you don’t normally workout or 8 to 12 hours pre or post workout.  Get the intensity above your aerobic threshold, higher yet is even better. The nice thing is, you’ll barely have time to break a sweat, so you can easily throw this one in at any time of day. By keeping the workout to a walking pace, you may not even need to change your shoes. A health club quality treadmill with an integrated web browser such as the Matrix TF 30 XIR lets you surf, check in on social media, and even catch up on your favorite shows through Netflix and Hulu. When you’re done, this machine can also be folded to reduce its footprint.
The workout: Start walking at a comfortable pace. Every minute increase your incline by .5% until you can no longer maintain your pace. Continue walking at this pace.
Treadmill workouts for weight loss aren’t just about spending more time on the treadmill. Remember to spread your training out over the course of your week so that you get the metabolic boost that comes after every workout. Choose a variety of workouts throughout your week, including workouts that emphasize incline and slower paces. This will build muscle and encourage your body to burn fat while you lose weight. You’ll also find that it’s easier to lose abdominal fat and get fitter when training with a variety of workouts. Remember, your workouts don’t have to be fast to be effective. Use your heart rate monitor to find an intensity that is effective using the guides provided here while increasing your pace over time.
About the writer: Joli Guenther is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and clinical social worker practicing in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more about Joli.


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