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GoFit Weighted Aerobic Gloves

Add resistance to your workout for bigger gains with the GoFit Weighted Pro Vest. Learn more about the GoFit 40 lb Weighted Pro Vest.
GoFit Weighted Aerobic Gloves

GoFit Weighted Aerobic Gloves

The GoFit Weighted Aerobic Gloves increase conditioning, strength-building and sport training. The open-palm and form-fitting design makes them comfortable for any workout level. Whether you are walking or in the midst of a cardio-blasting session, the 1 LB added to each hand will boost calorie burn and maximize the results of your workout!

  • 2 Weighted Aerobic Gloves (≈1 LB / .45kg per glove)
  • 4 Weight Inserts — 2 inserts per glove (≈.5 LB / .226kg each)
  • Zipper-Secured Pockets for Weight Inserts
  • Form -Fitting, Comfortable Design
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