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GoFit Wood Wobble Board

Challenge your core strength and balance with the GoFit Premium Wood Wobble Board. Learn more about the GoFit Premium Wood Wobble Board.
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GoFit Wood Wobble Board

GoFit Wood Wobble Board

Challenge your core strength and balance with the GoFit Premium Wood Wobble Board. It assists in the development of muscle endurance, increased stability, and is great for lower body rehabilitation. The Wood Wobble Board features a non-slip surface, an easy-to-adjust base, and includes a professionally developed lamented training manual with easy to follow instructions. The adjustable base is there for you to increase, or decrease, the difficulty of each exercise to your fitness level—making this the perfect tool for any balance and strength training program. Time to get on board and challenge that core!

GoFit Wood Wobble Board Includes:

  • 1 Premium Varnished Wood Wobble Board with Durable Textured Gripping Surface
  • Brook Benten Wobble Board Training Manual
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