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Athletix Guide Rod Wipes

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Athletix Guide Rod Wipes

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Contec Professional Athletix Guide Rod Wipes
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Athletix™ Guide Rod Wipes

Athletix™ Guide Rod Wipes

Working out on fitness equipment is made more difficult when weights and mechanisms bind and chatter because of dust, oils and grime that build up on weight machine guide rods. Members can see and feel the negative effects of dirty guide rods. Keep weight machines working and looking new with Athletix Guide Rod Wipes.

Athletix Guide Rod Wipes provide an easy, one-step process to clean and protect guide rods, and apply just the right amount of lubricant, preventing excess lubricant from dripping and running between weight plates. These wipes lay down a PTFE protective lubricant that repels dust, allowing your machines to look and work like new longer. This product is ideal for guide rods, elliptical tracks, seat slides and other sliding mechanisms. *

*Never apply any lubricants to handgrips, seating surfaces, pads or friction surfaces such as fly wheel brakes or resistance brakes.


  • Guide Rod Wipes
  • 6" x 9" (15 x 23cm)
  • 30 wipes/canister
  • 5 canisters/case

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