Get This Comprehensive List Of Strength Exercises That Work Every Muscle Of The Body

How To Do Every Weight-Lifting Exercise Under The Sun

Check out the website MuscleWiki — you’ll be blown away by the detailed, step-by-step instructions (with videos) for how to do a multitude of weight-lifting exercises like squats, dead lifts, barbell rows, bench press and more. Use their handy, interactive muscle map to chose the muscles you want to work, and get a custom list of strength exercises.
For instance, if you select “hamstrings” you’ll get the following instructions accompanied by a helpful video:

How to do squats

Helpful squat tutorial on

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Maintain the natural arch in your back, squeezing your shoulder blades and raising your chest.
2. Grip the bar across your shoulders and support it on your upper back. Unrack the bar by straightening your legs, and take a step back.
3. Bend your knees as you lower the weight without altering the form of your back until your hips are below your knees.
4. Raise the bar back to starting position, lift with your legs and exhale at the top.
5. It is possible to do this exercise without using the weight bar.
They also have a helpful calorie calculator and one-rep max calculator. Enjoy!





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