5 Ways To Improve Mental Clarity And Reduce Stress

5 Ways To Improve Mental Clarity And Reduce Stress

If you think “trying to relax” just doesn’t work, then you need to read this. Here are 5 super practical ways to improve mental clarity and reduce stress.

The cold and flu season is here. We will address the question of whether or not it's okay to be working out while sick.

Working Out While Sick – The Cold and Flu Season Is Here

I’ve only recently realized that there’s more than cold weather and busy schedules working against my exercise regime during this time of year. It’s also the cold and flu season. Although many hardcore exercise enthusiasts will simply work through their illness, is it always the best decision to be working out while sick? When is it […]

How-to Dress for Winter Runs

How to Dress for Winter Running with the Best Gear

Running outside in the winter may seem daunting, but with the right gear, it can break the hibernation like a breath of fresh air. Follow these guidelines for dressing for winter runs. Less is more It’s tempting to dress to be warm when you head out the door, but when you do, you’ll be overdressed […]

How-to Build Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are fairly common terms in today’s fitness world–and I’m sure a good majority of you have heard these words in relation to your own workouts. While both have a very important place in fitness (especially when you are first starting out on a fitness program) people often mistake flexibility and mobility as […]

Vegetable Gardens and Clean Eating

Why Vegetable Gardens Are The Best Way To Practice Clean Eating

Whether you’re eating clean for performance or to lose weight, growing your own vegetable garden is a powerful way to increase your health.

Mindful Eating for Weight Loss
Nutrition & Diet

Why Mindful Eating Works for Weight Loss (And How to Start Now)

Can changing your relationship with food result in weight loss without dieting? Ongoing research demonstrates that mindfulness practices can result in significant weight loss without choosing to diet or restrict calories. You can bring mindfulness into your daily life during your work day, morning preparations, time with your loved ones … really at any time. […]

Design Your Home to Maximize Health Benefits

The Surprising Way Home Design Affects Your Health

From your front door to your kitchen, here are some practical ways to organize and arrange your home to directly support you in building healthy habits.

Massage Chair for Home Benefits
Health & Wellness

Massage Chair Benefits Include Recovery and Relaxation

If you’ve ever experienced a post-workout massage, you probably don’t need much convincing to understand its benefits.  Receiving a massage after a tough workout may reduce muscle stiffness, improve range of motion, and increase blood flow, all of which improve recovery for your next workout.  The benefits of post-workout massage are even backed by research.  […]

Outdoor Family Fitness Games

Outdoor BBQ Games for Family Fitness

Need an excuse to head outside?  Whether you’re hanging with kids, the whole family, or just adults, outdoor games will do the trick.  With options for every budget, fitness level, and age, outdoor games are a great way to socialize and stay active at your next gathering.  Here are some outdoor family fitness games to […]

biking in winter weather

7 Tips for running and biking in winter weather

When it’s cold out, running and biking are less pleasant and more dangerous. One solution is to get your cardio on stationary machines all winter long. Another is to quit cardio altogether until the weather warms up. But nothing beats the burn of some good, old-fashioned roadwork. Here are seven tips to help you get […]

Healthy Thanksgiving Activities

Healthy Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Ready for some healthy Thanksgiving downtime?  While Thanksgiving is centered around the big feast, there’s plenty of time before and after the meal for healthy family activities.  Healthy Thanksgiving activities will burn off some of the calories of the feast while you celebrate joy and gratitude with your family and friends.  Here are some healthy […]

Best Muscle Recovery Foods for Post Workout Regeneration Meals
Achieving Your PR

Muscle Recovery Foods for Post Workout Meals

Here is a great summary of some of the best muscle recovery foods when you’re feeling rundown following a tough workout.  You could recover more quickly after tough workouts, with improved post-workout nutrition.  Taking advantage of the best muscle recovery foods and timing around your workouts can go a long way when it comes to […]


Make Your Heart Happy with a Heart Healthy Diet

In addition to regular cardiovascular exercise and quitting tobacco use, making heart healthy diet choices is an important action that will reduce your risk of heart disease.  Making your diet heart healthy doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Here’s how you get started. While some superfoods specifically benefit your cardiovascular system, your overall approach to eating for […]

Lose Baby Weight

6 Ways to Get Back in Shape Post-Baby

Feel good in your body post-pregnancy with some patience, self-love and these 6 tips for eating well and getting proper rest and exercise.

Wheat-Free Flour

How To Bake Without Wheat Flour

Learn about the top wheat-free flours and their unique benefits and properties. Get tips for how to incorporate them into your cooking and baking.

How to find the right treadmill

How To Find The Right Treadmill

From price to deck length to motor size: here’s everything you need to consider when trying to find the right treadmill for you.

Best Elliptical Workout
Elliptical Workouts

How To Get The Best Workout On An Elliptical Machine

Get the 5 steps that will help you burn more calories, target the right muscles and maximize the benefits of your elliptical machine workouts.

How To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn An Extra 400 Calories A Day With NEAT

How To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn An Extra 400 Calories A Day With NEAT

Here are four unbelievably easy things you can do today to boost your metabolism — no extra exercise required!

Are Sweet Potatoes or Potatoes Healthier? Learn The Surprising Truth.

Are Sweet Potatoes or Potatoes Healthier? Learn The Surprising Truth.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes often get a bad rap for being high in calories and carbs. But the truth is they are surprisingly healthy. Turns out, both these tubers deserve a place on your plate, because as far as carbs go, they are both healthier than most.

Why Healthy Relationships Are Good For Your Heart

Why Healthy Relationships and Are Good For Your Heart (+ 3 Ways To Cultivate Them)

Three very simple ways to cultivate better relationships that will improve your heart health and quality of life. Apply these heart-healthy tips today for better health.