csa haul recipe tomato orzo salad

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Orzo Tomato Salad

by October 22nd, 2018

You don’t need to go out to a Greek restaurant to fix that Meditarrenean craving. This orzo salad is so simple to make and also stores well in the refrigerator for the rest of the week! Make a big batch at the beginning and pack it for lunch. The best part? This dish is best […]

Brunswick Billiards Merrimack Pool Table at Johnson Fitness & Wellness - Billiards Stores

Brunswick Billiards Merrimack Pool Table

by October 19th, 2018

Brunswick Billiards Merrimack Pool Table– Review by Shane Munson The Merrimack table from Brunswick Billiards is one of our best selling pool tables. The Merrimack is from the Brunswick’s Authentic collection, which means there are certain upgrades included. The rails are SuperSpeed rails, which offer incredible accuracy. This is a solid wood table that will […]

Green Bean and Fennel Potato Salad

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Green Bean & Fennel Potato Salad

by October 15th, 2018

The only thing that this potato salad has in common with your typical potato salads is the use of potato. Gone are the unappetizing bland shades of beige and in its stead are the bright greens, tart flavors, and more nutritious ingredients. The beans and potatoes in this recipe are sure to fill you up […]

Safe Pregnancy Exercises

What Are The Best Types Of Exercise For A Healthy Pregnancy?

by October 12th, 2018

One of the best things you can while pregnant is to keep moving! Here is your comprehensive exercise plan for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The Ultimate Treadmill Circuit

The Ultimate Treadmill Circuit Training Workout (That You Can Do At Home!)

by October 10th, 2018

Adding a treadmill into your circuit style workouts provides a convenient option that can improve the quality of your training. Including a treadmill in your training program provides a greater range of options to make running more convenient, to increase the level of feedback you receive so that you can push harder during tough workouts, and […]


CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Easy Kale Chips

by October 8th, 2018

Maybe you bought a bunch of kale to try out that recipe that you pinned a long time ago, but now it’s started to wilt a little. Maybe you’re just tired of spending a bunch of money on kale chips that you know are overpriced. Or, maybe you’re just looking for potato chip replacement and […]

Design Your Home to Maximize Health Benefits

The Surprising Way Home Design Affects Your Health

by October 5th, 2018

From your front door to your kitchen, here are some practical ways to organize and arrange your home to directly support you in building healthy habits.

Carmelita Jeter Fastest Woman Alive interview

Catching Up with Carmelita Jeter, Fastest Woman in the World

by October 4th, 2018

We got to sit down with Carmelita Jeter, Fastest Woman in the World, Olympic Champion and World Record Holder, to learn about her workout routine, how she motivates herself and what kinds of workouts she recommends. Check out the full interview below!   How often should you sprint if you are a competitive runner? Once […]

yoga posture breath awareness

Working Deeper with Your Breath in your Yoga Practice

by October 3rd, 2018

I often tell my students that breath awareness, one of the major benefits of yoga, is the difference between practicing yoga and simply stretching. Becoming aware of your breath and exploring its effect on your body will deepen your practice and strengthen yoga posture. Pranayama (often referred to as breathing yoga exercises) is an integral […]

recipe classic pesto

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Classic Pesto

by October 1st, 2018

The best thing about a classic is that it never gets old. Pesto is arguably one of the most versatile sauces in cooking. Add it to pasta, use it as a dip, or even add it to soups to add an earthy richness. The greatest part about pesto is that once you learn the foundation […]

Signs it's time to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

by September 28th, 2018

A common question every fitness enthusiast will deal with at some point is, “when do you know it’s time to change-up your workout routine?” This can be a challenge for a lot of people, especially those who do not like change.  For some of you, it took a while to find something you really like […]

Tips for Exercising With Joint Pain

6 Tips for Exercising with Joint Pain

by September 26th, 2018

6 tips for exercising when you suffer from joint pain — how to increase mobility and strength while decreasing pain so you can get a great workout.