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Smart, straightforward cardio equipment for your home. Engineered for streaming your favorite fitness classes and apps.

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Horizon Fitness keeps you moving.

Horizon believes fitness should be accessible, effective and exciting. That’s why Horizon offers you the best, smartest exercise equipment possible.

Always ready

The early morning workouts, squeezing in steps over lunch, taking the dog for one more run - we are inspired by your commitment to go the extra mile. At Horizon, quality and reliability comes first in all that they do.


Horizon has reimagined the home workout experience through common sense solutions to today’s fitness challenges. Just get on and go at your own pace or challenge yourself with the most efficient 20 minute workout available at the push of a button.

A smart move

Smart means connecting to the screens you already own and not adding unnecessary cost to your equipment. Smart means simplified controls and faster drive systems that keep up with any streaming workout class you choose.

Breaking barriers

Horizon Fitness makes it easy to take the next step, to push past barriers, and find your best. It takes courage and hard work, but the rewards are real. Real confidence. Real results. Real life.

A better experience

Horizon Fitness delivers high-performance, durable exercise equipment that works with anything you bring to your workout. From your phone or tablet, to streaming fitness classes and apps, we make it easy to connect to the greatest variety of workout options available anywhere. No matter where you start your fitness journey or where you want to go in the future, Horizon Fitness equipment is always ready to go with you.


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