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Welcome to Johnson Fitness & Wellness

Welcome to the nation's largest specialty fitness retailer. Our store logo and signage has changed, but our team of Fitness Consultants and their commitment to delivering a superior customer experience has not.

Find the same great people, prices and products. Get more tools and resources to help you achieve the results you desire.

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Largest Selection Of New And Used Fitness And Wellness Equipment.

Matrix Bowflex Echelon Horizon Landice Landice Octane Fitness

A Better You With
Home Fitness.

Buy Used Or Trade In
Your Old Equipment To Save.

A NordicTrack treadmill

A close-up shot of the back of a Life Fitness elliptical console on the left, with '2nd Wind Used and Trade-ins' on the right.

Entertain with Grills, Billiards,
Outdoor Games and ElliptiGOs.

Photo of a large, stainless-steel smoker/grill.

Photo of three adults riding ElliptiGo bikes down the streets on a sunny day.
Photo of a woman with dark, shoulder-length hair and a grey shirt relaxing in a burgundy-colored massage chair. Her eyes are closed and she's grinning.

Focus On Wellness
And The Total You.

A photo of a smiling man in a mocha-colored massage chair, which is slightly reclined and has its footrest out.

Free Fitness and Wellness Consultations.