Synca CirC Massage Chair

Synca CirC Massage Chair

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Synca CirC Massage Chair


Synca CirC Massage Chair

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Synca Circ Massage Chair

CirC - Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

Refined look, the perfect size, and still packed with an impressive massage! Synca Wellness brings you the CirC, an SL-Track massage chair that can fit in any room of your house. The CirC by Synca Wellness solves the “It’s too big and it’s too ugly” problem while still offering a SL-Track design, lumbar heat, and impressive massage all in a great looking package.

Synca designed the CirC from the ground up to give you the most ergonomically comfortable seating angle and position. The design of the 106-degree angle between the seat and backrest creates a posture so comfortable you won’t want to leave. Treat your pelvic region with the CirC’s SL-Track. Muscles in the pelvic region are an important support structure associated with lower leg and vertebral core muscle movement. Tense or stiff muscles in the pelvic region can cause pain and dysfunction in the lower back and hips.

The CirC’s ambient side lighting and superior massage will set a calming atmosphere every night to help you de-stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Feel and move better with the CirC by Synca Wellness.

Synca Circ Massage Chair

Real Hands Massage: The Intelligent massage hands imitate a massage therapists method of kneading to feel as if they are real hands with the strength ranging from "Strong" to "Gentle".

Wide Variety of Programs: You can select to massage your whole body or a pinpoint location with an easy-to- use controller. You can choose your favorite massage course according to your mood, muscle tension, and tiredness.

Synca Circ Massage Chair

Heat Therapy: The restorative heat therapy penetrates the whole body from the waist to the back, enhancing the effect of the massage. Experience comfort like a hot spa.

Full Body Massage: The massage hands move up and down to pinpoint locations from your Trapezius to your Hamstring. The L Shape Rail allows for 34 inch (86.4cm) long massage strokes.

Ambient Lighting: There are lights located on either side of the headrest which generate a soft candle glow. The gentle orange lighting illuminates the direction of your relaxation.

WEIGHT 70lbs
ASSEMBLED SIZE W21.6 x H37 x D39
PARTS 1 Year
LABOR 1 Year

Customer Ratings & Reviews



by Frank on 07/02/2019

The CirC massage chair is so much better than I expected. You cannot find a massage chair for this price anywhere that is this kind of quality. It was delivered inside of my house and was very secure in the shrink-wrapped box that it came in. Everyone compliments on the sleek and sharp design, and how nice it looks in the living room. This chair fits everyone too! My favorite part of the chair is how nice the massage is when the heat is on. It is perfect for reading, working on the laptop, watching T.V., or simply relaxing. It\'s also very simple to use which is nice. Best chair for the money!


Great chair for the money!

by Troy on 07/02/2019

This chair is much better than I hoped for! Finding a quality massage chair in this price range is not easy. It was delivered inside of my house and was very light and easy to move around. Everyone compliments on how nice it looks in the living room. It is small but it can fit anyone! I love the heat feature! It's perfect for reading, working on the laptop, watching T.V., or simply relaxing. It's also very simple to use which is nice. Best chair for the money!


Very comfortable!

by Katie H. on 07/02/2019

Finally a massage chair with a great massage! Have always loved the bigger massage chairs but never had the room for them. My husband is 6'2" and it still fits him very well. I love how the L-track massages my sciatic area. Fits the perfect small space we have in our bedroom. Everyone who sees the chair loves the look and the feel.



by Ced on 07/02/2019

I look forward to getting off work showering and then wind down and watch the news or play the game... Shortly after the news is watching me Zzzzzzzz


Great Chair

by Mike on 07/02/2019

Have had this chair for a couple of weeks now. Use it every day. Very comfortable and extremely attractive. I got the wine colored one. Massage is very thorough and great for the lower back to right below the shoulder blades. I got the chair because I get lower back spasms on occasion and this really helps that. The heat is great and the various types of massage techniques are great as well. I am 5'11" and it fits me well. It probably fits people around 5'6" to 5' 8" the best cause it stops a couple inches below my shoulders but I don't care about that. I bought it for the lower and middle back to ease my spasms. Overall, this is a great chair and fits in every room at an extremely affordable price.



by Lovethelook on 07/02/2019

I bought this and the Japanese one they sell, my wife loves the low back and hip massage on this.



by GAMER34 on 07/02/2019

I AM 6'2'' 200 lbs and this chair fit me perfectly. I was shocked how easy to set up and operate. Living in a small apartment I never thought a could have such a great chair. Highly recommended.


For C compact massage chair

by Beverly on 07/02/2019

This chair is awesome! I bought it because I had a small space in my home and it fits perfectly. It was a great price. It's comfortable and the massages are fantastic. Highly recommend.


Good QPR

by Carl on 07/02/2019

Good quality to price ratio, it looks good, is compact and does a good job in the areas it reaches. I only wish it did a better job in the upper back and neck areas but it works well on the middle and lower back regions. The chair has an overall nice feel to it.


pleased with purchase

by Mike on 07/02/2019

More comfortable and vigorous massage than I expected. Chair well designed, good quality and materials, and easy to use. Nice small footprint. Fairly comfortable to just sit in and read w/o massage. Lightweight and easy to move around. Easy to understand controller. So far, so good...pleased.



by Mark on 07/02/2019

I have owned my CirC Chair for a year and absolutely LOVE it. I have it in a small space in our master bedroom in front of the TV and we use it daily. It is such a small footprint and you can fit it just about anywhere. It gives you a great massage and rejuvenates you after a stressful day. The only downside to it is it keeps the traffic flow high in our bedroom- the kids come in all too often to use it. There's NO better chair out there at this incredible price point. You will not regret buying this chair.


Great Chair and Customer Service

by Carl M. on 07/02/2019

Love the small footprint, heat option, multiple settings, great price point. Best of all, when I had a problem with the on/off switch, the company replaced the whole chair - great customer service!


This Chair is Always Occupied!

by Alicia A. on 07/02/2019

I purchased this chair as a Christmas gift for my husband. He has always wanted a massage chair, but I always hated the look and huge footprint of all the full size chairs on the market. When I found this chair I thought it would be the perfect compromise! I love the compact size, and my husband loves the vigorous massage. The heating feature has been a welcomed bonus and adds to the relaxing effect! Everyone in the family and even our guests get use out of this chair.


best massage chair

by ang68 on 08/22/2019

Doesnt even look like a massage chair, I wasnt even going to sit in it until the guy in the store recommended I do. Love it.



by Zakia B on 10/30/2019

I was pretty skeptical that such a small chair could actually be powerful but boy was I surprised. From the moment I sat in this chair I was in love. I have wanted a massage chair for a while but didn’t want anything too big or bulky. This chair is the perfect size. Big enough to massage my entire back but compact enough to move if necessary. Love it!


CirC massage chair

by Janice M Holmes on 02/12/2020

I became familiar with this chair while in the waiting area at my chiropractor’s office. It was so cute! In the past, there was always a huge bulky massage chair which was not realistic for home use. When I tried the CirC chair, I was very impressed! It has a wide variety of settings, including heat. When I found out that this chair was so affordable, I ordered one for my mom for Christmas. She was delighted and I am too as we live together and both get to use it!

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Synca CirC Massage Chair

Synca CirC Massage Chair

$1,199.99 $899.99
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