Synca KAGRA 4D Massage Chair Rating (27)
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Synca KAGRA 4D Massage Chair

Rating 27 Reviews

A Dedicated comfy zone just for you, a special place in your home, a retreat from the stresses of daily life.

  • 78 Massage Techniques
  • Zero Gravity Massage
  • 4D Technology

Upholstery Color

Black Upholstery
Espresso Upholstery
White Upholstery
Synca Synca KAGRA 4D Massage Chair
$4499.99 $6,499.99
Save $2,000.00 (31%)

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Synca Kagra Massage Chair
Synca Kagra Fingertip Keys

Finger Tip Keys

Controls you barely have to lift a finger for

  • Shortcut keys are at your fingertips
  • Change incline and recline
  • Adjust backrest and footrest angles, massage intensity, and select/change preferred courses

The Ultimate In Relaxation

From relaxing the body to massaging away fatigue, KAGRA helps improve your quality of living. Lounge on it like a normal chair, take a nap, get a targeted, stretch, and full body massage; KAGRA has the versatility, performance, and features to meet all your needs.

  • 4D Mech w/ 2nd Gen Software
  • Zero Gravity Massage
  • 78 Massage Techniques, Build up to 3 Programs from Scratch
  • Dual Layer Body Scan
  • 5 Unique Deep Stretches
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Reversible Ottoman
  • Triple Region Heater (feet, calves, back/chest)
Woman Relaxing in Kagra Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Kagra Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Positioning

It’s easy to build stress, tension, and back pain in your daily life due to disk compression in the back. When utilizing zero gravity you’re placing your body in a neutral posture position which allows those disks to decompress and reduce pressure on the back. Couple that with the therapeutic massage and you’ll feel the tension melt away.

Woman in Kagra Massage Chair

Retreat From Stresses Of Daily Life

  • Heat pad can lay behind you to heat your back, in front for your chest and stomach, and even your hands with its pocket hand warmers.
  • Bluetooth speakers are blended into the headrest so you can soothe your mind while you soothe your body by listening to the music you need.
  • Multi-functional footrest can be used for three purposes which are foot and calf massage, flipped to become an ottoman, or stored to save space and look nice.

Product specifications

Kagra Massage Chair

Color Options

Black, White, Espresso

Model No.



211.6 LB / 96KG


L63 x W30.3 x H41.7 IN / L160 x W77 x H106 CM


100-240Vac, 50/60Hz

Zero Gravity Massage


Massage Techniques


Triple Region Heater

Heat feet, calves, back/chest

Wireless Bluetooth


Bluetooth Speakers


Reversible Ottoman


Warranty Parts & Labor

3 Years

What customers are saying

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account_circleDiane And Dave Oliver

Rating of 100 out of 100

Great Massage Chair

So far this chair has been a hit with all family members. There's a lot of options to choose from which can be a tad intimidating but we are learning more every day.

Reviewed on 06/30/2024
Verified Purchase

account_circleJoe And Lisa Swan

Rating of 100 out of 100

Excellent product highly recommend

This massage chair is phenomenal. Really helps workout the muscles from day-to-day over exertion.

Reviewed on 04/22/2024
Verified Purchase

account_circleRudy Martin

Rating of 100 out of 100

Excellent Massage Chair

We are happy with the performance of the Synca Kagra 4D massage chair. It has all the features that we are looking for. We are using it everyday and looking forward to having it for a long time. We definitely will recommend this model to people who are looking for a quality massage chair.

Reviewed on 04/14/2024
Verified Purchase


Rating of 100 out of 100


So far loving it. Definitely the right purchase for us.

Reviewed on 04/05/2024
Verified Purchase

account_circleBob Pierce

Rating of 100 out of 100

Love It!

I don't know what took me to get this chair. I should have bought one 10 years ago.

Reviewed on 03/17/2024

account_circleErle Gregory Harris

Rating of 100 out of 100

A Great Health

This chair has been a great benefit to my back and shoulders. Not only have I enjoyed it, my extended family loves it and uses it whenever they are over here. Of course, the kids are too little, but they will grow to it.

Reviewed on 02/09/2024
Verified Purchase

account_circleAntonio Almada

Rating of 100 out of 100


Great chair. Very comfortable highly recommend it

Reviewed on 12/21/2023
Verified Purchase

account_circleBarry Goldstein

Rating of 100 out of 100

Found What I was looking For

I had been looking for a massage chair for a long time and there always seemed to be something missing. This chair gives me a lot of control. Each day the massage is a little different but always relaxing. My work involves a lot of stress, and it is so helpful to have some time to relax and remove the stress. It makes my life better.

Reviewed on 11/18/2023
Verified Purchase

account_circleCindy Taylor

Rating of 100 out of 100


The chair is excellent it really helps

Reviewed on 10/02/2023
Verified Purchase

account_circleFran Hearley

Rating of 100 out of 100

Great Experience

Lots of programs and options. Can you imagine a nice massage whenever you want it? I can!

Reviewed on 03/29/2023

account_circleTerry W Starks

Rating of 100 out of 100

Great massage chair and excellent service

Ryan, the store manager, was very helpful. The delivery and installation was professional. The massage chair itself is excellent.

Reviewed on 02/16/2023

account_circleEllen Didion

Rating of 100 out of 100


After years of research, I finally decided that this massage chair was THE ONE!!! I’m thrilled with all the options this chair offers!!! I use it ALL the time. I struggle with back issues

Reviewed on 01/28/2023


Rating of 100 out of 100

Great chair!!

Love the chair and get a daily massage while watching television. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 01/10/2020


Rating of 100 out of 100

Very soothing.

At the end of the day, collapsing in this chair is a little slice of heaven.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Quietest chair Ive ever used

Quiet, relaxing, just what I needed.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Finally a massage chair I feel comfortable in

I am a bigger guy and finally found a chair that fits my size. 6'2, 280 lbs. I seem to be too wide or too tall for every chair I tried. I like how the feet pivot or tilt with this chair which makes it so much more comfortable. The strength in my neck and shoulder is the best I have felt in any chair. I use almost every day!

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Most features ever

I love this chair since its back massage is top notch and its so quiet, tons of features, I use the bluetooth speakers more than I thought I would.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Love it!!

We are loving our new Kagra massage chair. Such great options from light to deep massage and from full body to targeted areas! We have three, hockey-playing boys who are hard on their bodies and we've acknowledged that getting older isn't easy on their parents. We decided we needed to make taking care of bodies a priority. This chair is perfect for the whole family!

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Just Love It !!!

I have been struggling with chronic back and muscle issues cause by a medical condition. I decided to start researching looking at ways to help give me some relief. After a substantial amount of research, we landed on looking at massage chairs. We visited numerous stores and tried several chairs in multiple price ranges. We eventually landed on the Kagra Synca MC-J6900 massage chair. One of the many features that lead us to purchase the Kagra Synca MC-J6900 massage chair is the programmable flexibility of the remote control/chair. The massage chair allows you to customize the area of the body you want to work on, and it allows you to adjust the strength of the massage and compression. This is important to me because I need to turn different areas to low or totally off due to my medical conditions and my wife prefers to utilize all the areas at a higher strength because she works out a lot. Another feature we like is the heat blanket and pockets. It is so relaxing while listening to your favorite music or audio book via the integrated Bluetooth speakers. Last but not least, the Kagra Synca MC-J6900 massage chair can be used as a regular recliner. The foot section is reversable and allows you to flip it over between a leg/foot massage or a traditional foot recliner. How cool is that! I highly recommend you visit your local store to try this chair. Give it 20 minutes and you will be convinced this is a chair you can’t be without. You might want to get two to avoid who gets in the chair first.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Best chair I ever tried

This is the quietest, most relaxing massage chair

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Highly customizable, powerful chair

We are so happy with this chair! My husband has two bad discs in his back, does cortisone shots and it looked like he was headed for surgery. He always feels better after a massage and we had an old massage chair that was painful to use. We tried a ton of different chairs, including Human Touch, Inada and Osaki. We needed something strong enough for him but customizable so I can turn off any features I don't like. One really expensive chair actually hurt my legs. I can turn the legs function off in the Kagra. I also love the heat, it feels great. My husband uses the chair every day, and has been playing tennis again and doesn't have to wear his back brace every day. There is a slight learning curve using the chair because it has so many functions and is so customizable. But once you figure it out it's awesome. We had a great experience buying this massage chair from Johnson fitness and wellness. We spent several hours in the store trying different chairs and Barry was extremely helpful, super nice and authentic, no pressure. After purchasing the chair, Nick, the massage chair expert, was extremely helpful and texted me immediately and even spoke on the phone to answer some questions. We had a problem with the heating pad on the chair (probably our fault) and Nick is sending out a replacement part in the mail ASAP. These guys are the best!

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Syncing in the chair

After this chair gets done with your back and neck you feel like you have melted into the chair. The best part of this chair is my wife doesn't complain about a space ship looking chair. I can flip the legs around and use it like an ottoman. They also don't stick out into the middle of the room.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

This chair has been very beneficial in alleviating my back pain

I purchased a Johnson Fitness chair in 2015. The benefits I have received from using this chair are amazing. Due to an injury I received years ago when I was in the military, I was going to the chiropractor three times a week for adjustments to my back. The chiropractor I was seeing suggested the use of your chair hoping it would supplement the treatment I was receiving. In the beginning I was using your chair three times per day every day. I have now progressed to only seeing the chiropractor occasionally. I truly believe if I had found your chair years ago I would still be an active minister. Thank you for your chair.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019

account_circleRobert I.

Rating of 100 out of 100

Great chair, amazing service.

We had been looking for a massage chair for several years. We decided to purchase our chair because of the deep massage it gives. The many programs help with finding the right massage for you. I want to add that when we had an issue the response from customer service was quick. It is very refreshing to see a company stand behind it's product. I want to send a big thank you to Nicholas.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100


Bought the kagra chair a couple weeks a ago and the whole family has enjoyed every minute. It has become so popular we have a nightly schedule to make sure everyone gets some time. Great programs and flexibility to hit the spots needed. After a long day it is a great way to wind down.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100


My wife and I are in our mid to late 50s. She is a triathalete and a fitness professional. I spend 10 hours a week lifting and doing cardio. We wanted a massage chair to facilitate post workout recovery and to help with arthritis in my lower back. We did a lot of research on massage chairs. There are several price points: $1.5 - 3 thousand, $4 - 7 thousand and $9 to 11 thousand retail. The Kagra is by far the best mid priced chair and is equivalent in my opinion to many of the higher priced chairs. It offers many programs, has heat and built in Blue Tooth speakers. The warranty is three years for parts and labor whereas most chairs only offer one year. We got white glove delivery and installation and it was excellent. We are using the several hours a week and love it. Do yourself a favor and get this chair, you won't regret it.

Reviewed on 07/02/2019


Rating of 100 out of 100

Cushy and Comfy

Super relaxing massage, not too strong, not too light.

Reviewed on 06/19/2019

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