Massage Chair

The benefits of a massage go beyond just feeling relaxed. Using a massage chair can aid in active recovery, joint pain, and other benefits.

Massage Chair for Home Benefits
Health & Wellness

Massage Chair Benefits Include Recovery and Relaxation

If you’ve ever experienced a post-workout massage, you probably don’t need much convincing to understand its benefits.  Receiving a massage after a tough workout may reduce muscle stiffness, improve range of motion, and increase blood flow, all of which improve recovery for your next workout.  The benefits of post-workout massage are even backed by research.  […]

Best Muscle Recovery Foods for Post Workout Regeneration Meals
Achieving Your PR

Muscle Recovery Foods for Post Workout Meals

Here is a great summary of some of the best muscle recovery foods when you’re feeling rundown following a tough workout.  You could recover more quickly after tough workouts, with improved post-workout nutrition.  Taking advantage of the best muscle recovery foods and timing around your workouts can go a long way when it comes to […]

What Should You Do After You PR In A Marathon?

What Should You Do After A Marathon PR?

Should you run more or get some rest? The harder you push yourself in a race (especially a marathon), the more gradual your return to running should be. Get a 4-week recovery plan from a professional running coach that explains exactly what you should do after a marathon PR.

Elliptical Workouts

How to Recover from an Injury and Maintain Fitness Using the Elliptical

When aches and pains cross our path, it’s easy to think our fitness will be lost as we heal, but in many cases, we can maintain and recover efficiently by employing a new paradigm of training called active recovery. Healing from knee pain. Take Emily, for example. She was training for her first half marathon […]


Ask an Expert: How to Heal and Prevent Shin Splints

I’m new to running and experiencing painful shin splints. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? – Kelly Shin Splints are a common condition for runners and walkers. The symptoms can include both a muscle tightness in the area around the shin that subsides post workout, or pain along the tibia bone both […]