GoFit Door Anchor

GoFit Door Anchor


GoFit Door Anchor


GoFit Door Anchor

GF-STDA GoFit Door Anchor
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GoFit Door Anchor

GoFit Door Anchor

The GoFit Door anchor is made of heavy duty, premium components. Its firm interior “Stopper” is contained within thick and durable nylon webbing, double-stitched for optimal performance. Please follow attached safety and attachment instructions that are included with this item.

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  • ALWAYS place the Door Anchor through the hinge side of the door.
  • ALWAYS lock the door when using the Door Anchor.
  • NEVER place the Door Anchor over or under the door.
  • ALWAYS inspect door anchors and all components for nicks, cuts, or loose threads/stitching before every use. If you find any cuts or loose thread discontinue use immediately.
  • DO NOT use on weak or hollow-core doors. Only use the Door Anchor and components on solid wood or metal doors.
  • ALWAYS check connections and carabiners before every use to make sure they are working properly and show no signs of damage.
  • When first attempting any exercise shown, use caution while determining your physical limitations.
  • Door Anchor is intended for adult use only and is not to be used by children under 18. Keep Door Anchor out of the hands of children at all times.
  • Door Anchor can pose a strangulation hazard to children and pets, therefore must NEVER be left unattended. To avoid accidents, uninstall and store Door Anchor out of the reach of children when not in use.
  • GoFit, LLC is not responsible for any personal property damage that may occur while installing or using the Door Anchor or any of its components.

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GoFit Door Anchor

GoFit Door Anchor

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