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Octane Q47x Home Elliptical

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The Q47x standing elliptical is a complete package – real-running motion based on precise human biomechanics, multi-grip handlebars, and a space-efficient design.

  • Real running motion
  • Upper-body ergonomics
  • Space-efficient design
Octane Octane Q47x Home Elliptical
$3499.00 $5,699.00
Save $2,200.00 (39%)

Octane Fitness Ellipticals

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Woman working out on Octane 47 Elliptical
Octane q47x console

Octane X Console

  • 1-Color SmartLight Technology
  • Simple to navigate
  • 2 placement options for a tablet
  • 10 Workouts
  • Workout Boosters: X-Mode, GluteKicker, ArmBlaster, and cross training options
  • 30:30 Interval Program

Bring Your Workouts Home

The Q47 standing elliptical is a complete package – real-running motion based on precise human biomechanics, multi-grip handlebars and a space-efficient design. Experience the Q47 with the Octane SmartStride technology, along with Octane’s signature workout boosters, programs, and real-time feedback at your fingertips.

  • SmartStride Technology – Adjustable stride length
  • Advanced console technology
  • Real running motion
  • Upper-body ergonomics
  • Space-efficient design
  • Long-lasting, superior performance
Man on Octane Q47 Elliptical in home
Octane Q47 Elliptical Smartstride

Smartstride Ergonomics

Octanes exclusive SmartStride feature automatically adjusts the stride length to replicate walking, jogging and running. It mimics what your body does naturally outside – shorter strides for walking and longer strides for running. The adjustable stride length for the Q47 standing elliptical is from 18″-26″ so it can be adjusted to fit each user in your home.

Woman working out on Octane Q47 Elliptical

Upper-Body Ergonomics

With MultiGrip handlebars, target different upper-body muscles simply by changing the grip; and Converging Path handlebars follow the natural path of the arms when walking or running.

Superior Performance

Ultra-durable ellipticals that are built to deliver long-lasting, superior performance. Our residential elliptical machines are subject to the same rigorous testing and uncompromising standards that Octane is known for.

Space-Efficient Design

The ceiling height clearance is only 8” higher than the tallest user, so it can easily be placed in areas with low ceilings. Also, with its low step-up height and rear access, it ensures that users will be able to get on and off the machine safely.

Cross Circuit

Combining cardio and strength intervals leads to better overall conditioning and can yield faster fitness results. All Octane Fitness elliptical bases have connection points to attach the resistance Cross Circuit Powerbands at the front, along the sides and at the back of the machine.

Product specifications





5 years


1 year


Max User Weight

300 lbs (136 kg)

Footprint (WxL)

33″ x 72″ (84 x 183 cm)

Footprint Live Area (WxL)

37″ x 84″ (94 x 213 cm)

Product Weight

290 lbs (132 Kg)

Electronic stride adjustment

18″- 26″ (46 cm – 66 cm)

Fixed stride length

20.5″ (52 cm)

MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars


CROSS CiRCUIT attachment points


Low Step-Up Height

5″ (12.7cm)

Soft Grip Pedals


Pedal Spacing

1.8″ (4.6cm)

MOM Mode




Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensors on Moving Handlebars


Stride and Resistance Buttons on Moving Handlebars


Regulatory Approvals

UL1647, CAN/CSA-C22.2, EN60335, ISO20957, GS

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account_circleJames Bortolotto

Rating of 100 out of 100

Q47x rating

I've used this for 5 years now with now problems. It's sturdy and give an excellent and quiet workout. I wish theQ47xi model was available back then as I'd love the new features for sure. I prefer it to Precor or Lifestep models. It was a good purchase.

Reviewed on 02/26/2017

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