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Hoist Leg Press Hack Combo

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Hoist Leg Press Hack Combo

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Hoist Leg Press Hack Combo

Hoist Leg Press Hack Combo

Over the past 40 years, HOIST® Fitness has become a leader in the strength training equipment industry through proven effectiveness, durability, and versatility. The HOIST consumer free weight and personal training system product line is precision built with superb components and unique space saving designs.

Hoist Leg Press Hack Combo

Hoist Leg Press Hack Combo

  • Adjustable platform for proper positioning throughout exercises
  • Dual purpose back pad attaches for both hack squat and leg press exercise positions
  • Multi-position lockouts for both hack squat and leg press exercises
  • Maximum weight 720 lbs
Product Width 30.50" (78 cm)
Product Height 56.50" (144 cm)
Product Length 83.25" (212 cm)
Product Weight 488 lbs (221 kg)
Max Exercise Weight 720 lbs (327 kg)
Max number of standard 45 lb plates 12 (12 X 45 lbs = 540 lbs)
Max number of Trimline 45 lb plates 16 (16 X 45 lbs = 720 lbs)
Start weight is 85 lbs Feels like 60 lbs due to a 70% ratio

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account_circleJIMMY SKEET

Rating of 80 out of 100

Retired CSCS

I had used two similar Hack Squat Racks during my High School coaching years. Currently retired, but would like one for rehab purpose for myself. Thank you, Jimmy Skeet, CSCS

Reviewed on 02/02/2021

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