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Inspire Fitness M2 Multi Gym

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Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories
Inspire Fitness M2 Multi Gym
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Total Body Machine

A Multi-Gym with fixed press arms, 3 pulleys, a seated leg curl & extension station, & free movement handles.

  • Legs, arms, chest & back all in one powerful machine
  • Ergonomic design intended to mimic your natural path of motion for safety & comfort
  • It’s a whole gym, in one, that fits in any corner of your home
  • Included accessories: Revolving Lat Bar, EZ Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Extension Chain, & 2 x D Handles
  • Target all muscle groups
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Product specifications



Limited Lifetime


Limited Lifetime

Technical Specs


Heavy-duty oval & round steel


Matte Black, Chrome


Electrostatic Powder Coat

Weight Stacks

165 lbs (75 kgs) (2:1 ratio for 82.5 per pulley for mid & low pulley)

Included Accessories

Revolving Lat Bar, EZ Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Extension Chain, & 2 x D Handles

Optional Add Ons

Leg Press, Tricep Rope, 50 lbs Weight Stack Upgrade, Abdominal Bar, Multi-Ring D Handles, Double D Low Row Handle, Sport Handle

Resistance Ratio

Mid & Lower pulleys 2:1, Lat/Upper pulley 1:1, Leg Ext 1:1, Seated Leg Curl 4:3, Leg Press 1:2, Press Arm 2:1.2

Muscle Groups



49 in x 65 in x 78 in. With optional leg press 79 in x 72 in x 78 in


400 lbs (182 kgs)

Press Arm Pivot Points

1½ inch precision steel ball bearings

Other Pivot Points

Oil Impregnated brass bushings

Weight Stack Shroud

Choose from black, tan, burgundy, or navy

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Rating of 100 out of 100

Inspire M2 - great value & versatility for a home gym

Bought the unit in Phoenix and elected to set it up myself. Took about 4 hours and was not too bad except the intructions were in english units while the hardware waspackaged in metric-very stupid mistake. Love it! Unit is very stable and extremely smooth, though I have long legs and wish the seat at it's lowest position was a couple of inches higher off the floor. Love the flexibiltiy - like a professional gym...just move the pins on the weight stack and equipmentand you can do whatever exercise you want in a matter of seconds. One comment though, though the pulleys are very smooth, I don't think that a pin setting of 70 pounds on the lower pulley gives me the same weight feeling as the mid and bench pulleys. Also, the little rubber stops to keep the accessory hooks from hitting pulleys are way to small and broke quickly. But overall, a greta product that I would buy again and has helped me recover asfter I blew out my shoulder on the olympic bench. Highly recommend!

Reviewed on 07/10/2010


Rating of 100 out of 100

Inspire M2

I was looking for gym that can get me back in shape and M2 multi-gym was perfect gym for my family and me. With the combination of free weight, jog and biking I know that this is good piece equipment for home use for those getting back in shape and those in shape that do not want to do the gym scene anymore.

Reviewed on 03/19/2015

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