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Lose 27% Body Fat in 8 Weeks

The intense interval training of Sprint 8 has been scientifically proven to reduce body fat, boost energy and promote lean muscle.

20 Minutes, 3 x Week

As unlikely as it may seem, it is possible to realize significant benefits in a 20-minute workout. If you have 20 minutes, you can perform the Sprint 8 workout and spark the change in your body that you want to see.

Virtually everyone can finnd 20 minutes in a day to do something – especially if that something is improving your health, ghting aging, trimming fat and building a leaner, meaner and better-looking body.

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The Workout

Enter your age and weight, choose your level of intensity and press “Start.” The Sprint 8 program will change speed and elevation automatically as you move through the sprints and recovery intervals. All you have to do is push a button for the best anaerobic workout available!

Each 20-minute Sprint 8 workout contains only four minutes of high-intensity exercise per workout.

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Why It Works

Unlike slow and moderate training, intense training stimulates the natural release of human growth hormone (HGH). That is what it makes it so effective. While intensity offers many bene ts, including a higher caloric burn rate, it is this natural stimulation of human growth hormone that is most signi cant. Elevated levels of human growth hormone are associated with increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat and higher energy.

The Sprint 8 training routine is scientifically proven to stimulate the release of natural growth hormone and trigger dramatic physical transformations in average people.

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Maximize Your Workout

Traditional exercise, such as going out for a jog or taking a long walk, will burn calories but won’t generate signi cant growth hormone production. Neither will pumping a few moderate dumbbells.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any calculations to make sure you’re maximizing your results. It is all pre-programmed for you and available at the touch of a button in the Sprint 8 workout.

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Shop the Products

Sprint 8 is exclusively available on on cardio machines manufactured by Matrix Fitness - the 2017 Brand of the Year.

Come in and try Sprint 8 at any of our 100 retail locations today.

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